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Episode #32 Style Spotlight: Barley Wine

After a mini hiatus we are back in action and immediately we go BIG. Big ABV I mean, as this barley_wine_glassepisode we focus our attention towards Barley Wines. We drink a few of them and learn a bit more on how to brew the two main varieties, English and the more aggressive American style.

Listen careful as we hint at a collaboration between Fermentation Nation and The Unknown Brewery and most definitely stay tuned to our next episode as Joe and Daan release an epic side project that also involves Shawn.

Crack your Barely Wines, adjust your recipes, build your yeast cultures and enjoy this episode.

Our Around Town Segment features John Palmer! We grab a quick 11 minute interview w/ the homebrew guru himself!

Side Note: If anyone has used Multi-Dextrin to fix an over attenuation issue please email us how you did it and how well did it work? Shawn or Joe or Daan @fermentationnation.net


House of Brews (As always we wouldn’t have a studio without them, please show your support)
Salud Beer Shop – 3306 N. Davidson end of Noda before the railroad tracks.
Red Clay Cider

Beer/Brewery industry news/updates:

•    Wyoming Home brew changes
•    Kabong DB release – 11.11% 111ibu triple ipa.
•    BrewDog releases all their recipes to the public!
•    SN Beer Camp tickets are on sale.
•    Thirsty Monk in Asheville wins Best Beer Bar in the state of NC
•    FN/Uknown Brewery Collab
•    Victory Brewing and Southern Tier Unite under new Holding Company – Artisanal Brewing Ventures (ABV) – HQ in Charlotte, NC
•    New Noda Cans for Par 4 (Session IPA)
•    Wicked Weed Sold Distro rights (Multi Million) – Now Distro’ as far as Texas
•    Green Man set to expand operations $5m in scope.
•    Foothills Founder Jamie Bartholomaus is handing over his Brewmaster Title as they expand.

Joe and Daan also caught up with a regular listener Kevin Lindley at the Shamrock Open in Raleigh this past weekend.


Episode #30 Style Spotlight: Pale Ale

Back from the Holidays and starting off the New Year with good ol’ style show.  This week, we welcome into the House of Brews Studio two special guests to join the conversation on American Pale Ales.

Pale-AleHouse of Brews Specials for January: HOPS $12/lbs or $6 for half lbs or $1/oz on select hops.

Joining us in studio is Two time Carolina Brewer of the year, Two time Carolina Master Brewer of the Year, winner of the 2014 Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Rein Stein Pro Am and Owner/Proprietor of Bufflehead Brewing Company, Lee Hill. Trey Lovelace, Carolina BrewMasters’ Brewer of the Year, 3rd place Carolina Brewer of the Year, 3rd place Master Brewer of the Year and winner of the 2014 Foothills Brewing Company Gambrinus Cup Pro-Am.

Secondline_LogoSit back and catch up on Joe’s Christmas chaos up north, Daan’s yeast wrangling down in the Big Easy and got to spend time with Mark Logan of Secondline Brewing. Shawn’s Staycation 2015/2016 was spent building out a new Keezer and Chamber.

We’ll cover the style Guidelines, origins and then dig into Brewing this Iconic Style that rekindled the brewing scene in America and paved the way for the hop forward beers that We are known for world wide.

Industry News:

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