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Episode #46: Lenny Boy Brewing/Booch 2.0!

This episode catches the guys talking to Townes Mozer, Owner/Founder of Lenny Boy Brewing Company, and also the man responsible for us having new studio space!

Hang out with us in the Lenny Boy Studios as we catch up with Townes regarding all the changes that have occurred since we first had them on about 2 years ago. A logo modification, new brewery location, expansion and awards are all discussed as we dig in with Townes about all things Lenny Boy. Oh, and we didn’t forget to add some educational content for you as well!


  • LaMotte (brewing water test kit)
  • Lenny Boy – Thursday is $4 pints and Booch.
  • Saluds  – 3306 N. Davidson end of Noda before the railroad tracks

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Episode #15 Kombucha & Lenny Boy Brewing


Welcome back for Episode #15! We’re talking with Townes Mozer Owner/Founder of Lenny Boy Brewing Co, about Kombucha a super healthy fermented beverage made from sugar, tea, water, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast “SCOBY”. During the fermentation process the bacteria and yeast convert the sugar into B vitamins, probiotics and organic acids.  In addition, gluconic, lactic and folic acids are a byproduct of the fermentation. This ancient elixir is an all-natural, organic detoxifying drink; most who drink it say it gives them an extra boost of energy. After fermenting, the tea is full of probiotics that work with your body to boost the immune system, stimulate your metabolism, and rejuvenate your mind. Continue reading