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Episode #26 Quality Assurance w/ Jessica Davis of The Bruery

cbt_logoEpisode 26 catches us once again talking to Joey DiApice of Craft Beer Traders announcing his beta launch. If you are keeping a cellar of commercial or homebrew beer you have got to come check it out! Online trading is coming in the future and Joey discusses some of the things he has learned from beer trading and what will make Craft Beer Traders unique and different. We also spend over an hour talking Quality Assurance with The Bruery’s Jessica Davis.

the-bruery-logo the-bruery-jess-davis-quality-specialist-300x200We talk about Jessica’s background with Stone & Miller/Coors highlighting some of the difference’s between working for a Macro brewer and a Micro brewer. She also discusses some of the various aspects of Quality Assurance in relation to differences between clean and sour beers. Jessica tackles several listener inspired questions and talks about the different strains of yeast  the Bruery uses in their sour beers. To top it all off she gives us the grain bill for one of the most popular sour beers The Bruery makes; Tart of Darkness! Lastly she shares a few of the beers they have that contain viable bottle dregs to use in your own sours (spoiler: Tart of Darkness happens to be one of them!).

Tart of Darkness grain & hop bill: (direct from Jessica Davis)

  • Bruery-Tart-of-Darkness2-Row = 75%
  • Rolled Oats  = 10%
  • C-60 = 7%
  • Castle Château Chocolat = 4%
  • Castle Château Black = 4%
  • Czech Saaz desired IBU = 7

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Beer/Brewery industry news/updates:

  • Oscar Blues – Death by Coconut is back, Nationwide.
  • Deep Ellum Brewery – suing the TX Alcoholic Bev Commission – Kick Starter
  • NC Distillers can now sell out of state.
  • DFH named 2015 Brewery of the year, by the Wine Enthusiasts.
  • Rexam and Ball industries are merging and Crown Holdings are having issues keeping up with orders. Cans! Shortage of 12 and 16oz cans. Lead times can be as long as 18 months.
  • OMB wins Gold with Mecktoberfest at European Beer Star competition in Germany, amid a crowded field of 1,957 beers from 45 countries.
  • The Thirsty Nomad has a new location in Charlotte near OMB and Sugar Creek – which is quietly being dubbed the Lower South End (LoSo)