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Episode #42 Operation Liberate Homebrew

Episode #42 has us discussing an important and hot homebrew topic especially in NC, sharing of homebrew at public events.olh_logo

The last few years has seen both ALE and ABC cracking down on events with homebrew because our state NC laws do not specifically say that it is allowed.

Charles Willet, one of the individuals behind Operation Liberate Homebrew joins us in studio to discuss not only the current road blocks homebrewers are facing but also how the Organization hopes to help change homebrew law.

To help fund Operation Liberate Homebrew’s lobbying efforts The Beer Army Foundation is presenting Beer Wars Commercial Beers competition.  We are recruiting volunteers to help us run, judge and Steward this Competition taking place Saturday Jan. 14, 2017. The proceeds from this event will fund legislation changes as well as set up a Guild to oversee these issues on a state wide level here in North Carolina so please consider signing up at the link below.

Beer Wars Competition to benefit OLH

  • Nationwide Professional comp
  • Registration open (10/1)
  • http://beerwars.brewcomp.com
  • BJCP sanctioned – points awarded
  • BJCP 2015 guidelines – no meads/ciders
  • $50/entry