Episode #40 High Gravity Brewing

highgrav2Episode 40 has the guys breaking out the 40oz’ers as we talk about Shawn’s favorite subject; High Gravity Brewing!

We cover several topics about brewing High Gravity beers including; mash tun size, efficiency considerations, hop utilization differences, yeast pitching recommendations and fermentation timelines.

Josh Veronee also joins us in studio to discuss his NHC Gold win for ahighgrav1n APA, but Daan quickly derails that conversation to talk about his own APA.

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Episode #39 Road trip to BierKeller!

This weekend we travel down to Columbia SC on a scorching hot SaturdaBierkeller_final_logoy to enjoy some cool mugs of Kellerbier.

We’re sitting down with Columbia native and well traveled German expert Scott Burgess, and talking about his new venture BierKeller Columbia.  Scott is looking to bring the beers he enjoyed while studying Abroad in Franconia to the Columbia area as well as serving them in a traditional German biergarten setting throughout the town.

Also Joining us is our yeast man Chris Woods.  Chris has been helping Scott with his yeast cell counting and viability.  Follow along as we find out more about what inspired Scott to start his own German brewery and the unique contract arrangement he has with Swamp Cabbage.

Thanks to both of them for the warm southern hospitality, Prost!

Episode #38 New England IPA’s

Citra_QuenchThis episode we are joined by Todd Ford, Chad Henderson and David Gonzales of NoDa Brewing Company. They let us crash one of their conference rooms to record and joined us to discuss the new trend of New England or North Eastern IPA’s.

We discuss what differentiates this style of IPA from others and we even sample a few while recording. We also take a deep dive on how to craft one at home discussing malt bill, water conditioning, yeast and hop additions.


Todd also discusses a topic close to his heart and ours; Craft Freedom. A North Carolina movement to allow local breweries to self distribute past the 25,000 bbl cap.

Crack open a cold one a take a listen!

Episode #37 Ernie Rector of LaMotte Water talking about the Brewlab Kit/NHC 2016

After a bit of a break, and fresh off our trip to Baltimore for the National Homebrew Conference, we are back!. Join us from our new temporary studio in the Daan’s office, where we are getting down and nerdy with water testing. Daan_Studio

This week we will also cover our NHC 2016 experience, where we actually bumped into our guest in the expo section of the conference.  We Have Ernie Rector marketing manager from LaMotte calling in to walk us through their new BrewLab Kit.  LaMotte has been in the business of Water analysis for almost 100 years spanning all industries and recently released this kit under the direction of Ernie and guidance of Homebrew icon John Palmer.

BrewLab PlusErnie has an extensive background in water analysis, spending almost 25 years in the Utilities industry before joining LaMotte.  In this episode we will discuss the basics of this kit and what you can test with it. Ernie has a wealth of knowledge and his experience shows in the quality of the BrewLab kit.  So grab your favorite water based beverage (beer), and tune in to this first installment of water testing with LaMotte.

Episode #36 Small Batch Brewing w/ Jennifer Indicott

Episode #36 Finds us talking to Jennifer Indicott who will be presenting on One Gallon Brewing at this years HomeBrew Con in Baltimore.small_batch

She joins us to discuss the benefits and setup involved with small batch brewing, particularly 1 gallon batches. Jennifer explains to us that:  “One gallon batches are perfect for those with limited brewing and fermentation space. For those with larger brew systems that want to dial in recipes or experiment with ingredients, this is the perfect way to do so at minimal cost.”

Crack open a cold one, kick back, and give a listen as Jennifer drops the one gallon knowledge on us!

Roadshow #2: Visiting Carolina Bauernhaus and SouthYeast Labs

Road Show #2 is under our belt and boy did we have a good time! This episode has us
visiting Carolina Bauernhaus Ales anC_Baernd SouthYeast Labs.

We sit down with Head Brewer/Co-Owner Keston to discuss the wonderful beers they are brewing, all with locally sourced yeast. We also discuss some of their brewing and blending practices.

Next we dive into capturing and processing wild yeast with David Thornton of SouthYeast Labs and later in the show Even Skjervold of SouthYeast  joins us to talk about how they  got started.


This episode is packed full of information; so sit back, grab a beer and get your learn on as we kick the knowledge!





Fermentation Nation Visits Sierra Nevada in Asheville, NC

This week Fermentation Nation went on a small road trip to Sierra Nevada to speak with Ken and Brian Grossman about the Past, Present, and Future of Sierra Nevada. sn_logo

We are very appreciative to sit down with both of them for almost 90 minutes to cover a vast variety of information, recipes, yeast modifications, engineering projects, how they choose Asheville, NC and of course we cover several questions related to recipe development and how they have changed over the past 35+ years.

We are very thankful to the Sierra Nevada team for their support and allowing us to take over Brian’s Office to recording this episode. Pull up your easy chair, turn up the radio, crack open a cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and enjoy the show!