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Recipes using beer.

Mark’s “sour” dough starter recipe

So I [Mark] was bored one day in between brews and I wanted to make some bread. I had the idea of making sour dough. Yeah I know, I know, starters take a lot of time to get nice and sour, so I set out to make it a little faster. I had a few sours going at the time so I made a small starter and set that aside in the fridge. It’s very basic.

2 cups AP flour
2 cups warm water
1 TBSP sugar

About 2 TBSP sour dregs from the bottom of a bottle or fermenter

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and place in a slightly oiled plastic sealable container.

2. Over time you will have to feed the starter to make the bacteria grow. All you have to do is pull out about a cup of the mix and replace it with 1 cup of flour every week or so. The cup you pull out you can start making bread with or throw out till it’s sour enough for your liking.

This starter will get sour after about 4 to 5 months instead of years of developing the flavor.

Basic sour dough bread

4 3/4 cups bread flour
4 tablespoons white sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 (.25 ounce) package active dry yeast
1 cup warm milk
1 1/2 cups sourdough starter
1 extra large egg
1 tablespoon water

1. In a large bowl, combine 1 cup flour, sugar, salt, and dry yeast. Add milk. Stir in starter. Mix in the rest of the flour gradually, but you may need more depending on your climate.

2. Turn dough out onto a floured surface, and knead for 8 to 10 minutes. Place in a greased bowl, turn once to oil surface, and cover. Allow to rise for 1 hour, or until doubled in volume.

3. Punch down, and let rest 15 minutes. Shape into loaves. Place on a greased baking pan. Allow to rise for 1 hour, or until doubled.

4. Cut an X in the top of the loaf and then brush egg wash over the tops of loaves.

5. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes, or till done.

Beer BBQ Sauce for Baby Back Ribs

This time of year is perfect for cooking ribs! Here is a recipe from Mark that is sure to liven up your BBQ!




1 tablespoon canola oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 onion, diced
6oz Brown ale or Scotch ale
1 cup ketchup
1/3 cup molasses
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons distilled vinegar
2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
Salt to taste
4 racks of baby back ribs
1. Heat the oil in a saucepan over medium-low heat.
2. Add the garlic and onions and cook till translucent. Make sure to stir consistently as to not let them burn.
3. Add the beer and then reduce the heat to low. Reduce the mixture by half.
4. Add the ketchup, molasses, brown sugar, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and stir.
5. Allow to simmer for 20 minutes.
6. Taste after simmering and add whatever ingredient it needs (more spice, more sugar, etc.).
7. Once the ribs are close to being done move them to a cooler unlit part of the grill and mop with sauce. Let the sauce caramelize on the outside and the meat get to an internal temp of 160F.

Spicy Beer Pretzels

Looking for something to cook up and share that uses beer to make it? Check out our show host Mark’s awesome Spicy Beer Pretzels.

For the Dough
2 1/4 teaspoon yeast
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon sugar
1/4 cup warm water
1 cup beer (an IPA will work great)
3 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon Ghost pepper salt from savory spice
2 tablespoon butter, softened

For the Bath
1/4 cup baking soda
Flaky salt, for sprinkling

1. Combine the yeast, salt, and sugar in a small bowl. Add the warm water and let sit for 5 minutes or until foamy.
2. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour and ghost pepper salt.
3. Cut the softened butter into the flour until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
4. Add the beer to the yeast mixture (it will foam!) and stir briefly to combine. Then add to the flour and mix until the dough comes together.
5. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 5 minutes, or until no longer sticky. Cover with plastic wrap (just leave it right on the counter) and let rise for 30 minutes.
6. Line a baking sheet with parchment and lightly oil the paper. Set aside.
7. Divide the dough into 32 pieces, keeping the unrolled pieces covered with plastic while you work.
8. Roll one ball into a 12-inch long rope. Form a U shape and twist the ends together twice. Fold the twisted part backward onto the center of U shape to form a circle. Gently press the ends of the rope onto the dough to seal.
9. Transfer to the prepared baking sheet, and repeat with the remaining dough.
10. Let rise for 20 minutes. While you wait, preheat the oven to 475 degrees. Fill a large pot with at least 5 inches of water and bring the water to a boil.
11. When the pretzels have risen and the water is boiling, add the baking soda to the water and gently transfer as many pretzels that will fit comfortably to the bath. Cook for a minute on each side and return to the baking sheet.
12. Sprinkle with salt and bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve warm with mustard.

Submitted by show host Mark