About Us

Shawn McBride:

McBride_ShawnA passionate home brewer, Shawn has been perfecting his craft since 1998 when he lived in California. He has held multiple Vice President positions in the Carolina BrewMasters, a non-profit homebrew club located in the Charlotte area. Shawn was a presenter at the 2013 National Home Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, was the event coordinator for the 2014 US Open Homebrew Competition, taught brewing at CPCC College and has his own yeast banking lab. He is currently brewing part time at Salud’s nano and is the current Education VP of FN Brew Club. Shawn has won many awards for his homebrew including multiple Best of Show ribbons.

Favorite Beer to drink: Foothills – Jade IPA
Brewing set up: Three-tier, 15.5 gal Keggles w/ RIMS
How often do you brew: 2 times a month, sometimes more
Favorite beer/style to brew: Sours and anything over 8% abv
Club affiliation: FN Brew Club/CarolinaBrew Masters
Family situation: Married 16+ years with 2 daughters
Favorite activity (other than beer): BBQ, Sausage making, and charcutterie

Joe Domm:

joeAfter moving to Charlotte from Northern Virgina, Joe started homebrewing in late 2010. After deciding Mr. Beer kits were not the way to go, he moved into all grain brewing and is dedicated to learning everything he can about brewing. Joe is an involved craft beer community enthusiast that volunteers at festivals, runs, competitions, and charity events. Joe won the Carolina BrewMasters Rookie of the Year award for 2013. He had his winning recipes brewed on commercial systems at multiple local breweries, a beer named after him, and has had his recipes sold across the Charlotte area. Joe has won multiple awards for his homebrew, including the 2013 Rein Stein award.

Favorite Beer to drink: OMB Mecktoberfest
Brewing set up: Single vessel BIAB
How often do you brew: 2-4 times a month
Favorite beer/style to brew: German lagers
Club affiliation: CarolinaBrew Masters
Family situation: Married/2kids (Wife Lauren, Joey 5 1/2, Colin  1)
Favorite activity (other than beer): Working outside/ gardening

Daan Muller:

daanDaan – Pronounced: Don, is a Dutch native with 30 years of experience living in the US of A. Learned how to brew in late 2006 while living in Australia. Mentored by an Ex-Guinness Master Brewer who had opened several Micro Breweries on the West Coast of OZ, Daan quickly moved to all-grain after 2 stove top batches and has won several Homebrew awards. He is a member of the Carolina Brew Masters in Charlotte, NC and was the Chairman for the Charity Selection Committee for the 2014 Charlotte Oktoberfest. Recently started a year of brewing Lagers except for his yearly BFB batch (Big F’ing Beer) a 20%+ ABV beer. 2015 will be a Belgian Quintuple with a 55lbs grain bill (5 Gallon batch).

Favorite Beer to Drink: Stouts, Dark Beers, Actually I like IPA’s as well.
Brewing Setup: Single Tier, 3x 15.5 Gal Keggles w/ RIMS
How often do you brew: 2 to 3 times a month
Favorite Style to Brew: RIS, Lagers, and Baltic Porters
Club Affiliation: CBM – Carolina BrewMasters
Family Situation: Married with no kids (still practicing)
Favorite Activity Outside of Beer: Gardening, Growing Hops and Biking.