Episode #43 Low Oxygen Brewing with Bryan Rabe


Photo Courtesy: http://accidentalis.com/low-oxygen-brewing-exploring-lodo-method/

This week we are chatting with homebrewer Bryan Rabe about Low Oxygen Brewing.  Bryan is one of the authors of the On Brewing Bavarian Helles: Adapting to Low Oxygen Brewing paper that has sent ripples throughout the homebrew community, even reaching into the American craft beer industry.

Received with mixed feelings among the people there’s no denying intrigue it brings.  The paper lays out step by step in replicating an authentic German Helles with the elusive “it” character that led this group on a wild goose chase to decipher german brewing text.

The findings were that oxygen plays a key role in the detriment to malt and hop character not only post fermentation (as all have already accepted) but also on the hot side in the brew house.  While this was originally intended for those german lagers the techniques discussed can be applied to any beer style to preserve flavor stability.

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