Episode #33 Yeast with Chris Wood

Welcome to Molecular Biology Class. We feel like a kid in science class this episode as we have Christopher Wood, PhD in studio to explore yeast.

Chris Wood of BYO's Science & Homebrew Blog.

Chris Wood of BYO’s Science & Homebrew Blog.

Chris has a PhD in Pharmacology from Wayne State and Postdoctoral Fellowship on yeast cell biology and is a passionate home brewer. He is also a regular blogger for BYO.com, specifically their Science & Homebrews blog. We cover a ton of information on the history and background of yeast as well as its purpose in beer. We also cover building cultures from yeast dregs, pitching rates/temps, wild yeast captures and some equipment you can get at home to build your small lab. So you can see where this episode is heading… So kick back and listen in to the Yeastie Boys rap about yeast.


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