Episode #31: Farmhouse, Saison & Biere de Garde w/ Andrew Addkison of The Farmhouse Obsession

Addrew Addkison, author of The Farmhouse Obsession Blog

Addrew Addkison, author of The Farmhouse Obsession Blog

Take a trip to the farm this weekend as we cover Farmhouse ales and Saisons! Andrew Addkinson, from The Farmhouse Obsession blog, joins us via Skype to discuss his obsession with these historical styles.


We also welcome back into the studio, this time as a guest host, Eric Mitchell, Head Brewer at Heist Brewing Company in Charlotte, NC. Some of you may remember Eric from our Belgian Trappist Show a while back, as well as his appearance on our Sourfest show. Andrew shares his experiences with brewing Bieres De Garde while Eric drops his knowledge of his Saisons brewed at both home and Heist. We cover recipe development including malt and hops selection as well as dig deep into yeasts and bugs to make great examples of these styles.

Beer/Brewery industry news/updates:

  • NC Brewers Guild & Arizona Brewers Guild Wager :send 5 beers from AZ Breweries along with 5 foods to go along w/ beers and host collab beer and NC names the beer
  • “Bud Sour” is an idea in Anheuser Busch;s Reasearch Pilot Brewery is throwing around
  • Oscar Blue’s Deviant Dales IPA no longer will be available year around, changing to a seasonal release.
  • AB-InBev buys up another Brewery, this time it is a European craft brewer named Camden Town Brewery

Around Town Segment

Devils Backbone/NoDa Collab Release Party.

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