Episode #24 – NOLA Brewing Company & Deutsche Beverage Tech

WelcDeutsche_2ome back as the Fermentation Nation discusses equipment with one of the best Stainless Engineering firms focused on Brewing equipment,  We highlight the stainless behind the beer with Cameron of Deutsche Beverage Technology. Cameron joins us in studio dropping the knowledge of how he got started and where he expects the market to go. From 3bbl pilot systems to 60 BBL fully automated push button control panels, his conversation will certainly give a deeper insight into planning your brewery’s equipment.

We also have Paul and Amanda from EDIAMaps in studio following upNC_Beer_Map on their NC Beer Map release. Find out where you can pick one up and learn the intricacies and level of planning that went in to this awesome map.

Daan hangs out in one of the coolest rNOLA_2ooms in Nola with Derk Lintern, VP of Brewing Operations and Sour Master of the Nola Brewery. He joins us to highlight the history of NOLA Brewery and dives deeper into the science and love that goes into their brand and products. From a 15BBL 2nd hand brewhouse that turned 21 this year to their Sour/Funk Barrel room, Derek and the NOLA Brewery are turning out a stellar product.


Joe & Pat of HoB talking to Cameron (center) in the show room