Episode #22 All About Coffee w/ Matt from Pure Intentions

This episode has umatt-yarmeys amped to discuss another fermented product, coffee.  Matt Yarmey from Pure Intentions coffee joins us in studio to tell us  all about the worlds most traded bean.

Join as as we discuss the process your coffee goes through all the way from plant to cup, and true to from we tie it all back to beer.

Bethany from the Charlotte Beer Babes & the Oktoberfest Planning  committee joins us in studio to fill in for Michael who is busy running  Oktoberfest tours in Germany, making Joe & Dann jealous with all the lagers he is enjoying fresh from the source.

This episode aUnknown_Logolso see’s the return of our Around Town Segment w/ Brad Shell from Unknown Brewing talking about the Garage Warrior super home brew collaboration beer that will be released in cans locally.

Matt Yarmey sits down with the Fermentation Nation crew for over an hour discussing the entire process coffee goes through before it gets poured into your cup.

  • Coffee Trees & the two types of Coffee beans
  • How coffee berries are picked, fermented and dried
  • How green beans are roasted and the different types of roast
  • Best ways to store your coffee (hint: the freezer is bad!)
  • Best coffee brewing practices and recommendations
  • Cold pressed coffee and using coffee in beerFN_Pure_Intentions

Matt also discusses the various projects he has done with breweries  using his coffee and the Ferm Nation crew talks about how they have used coffee in home brew.

A bonus discussion has us talking about roasting coffee at home using either an air-popper or a stove-top popcorn popper.

  • Air Popper Method: https://www.sweetmarias.com/air-popper-method
  • Stovetop Roaster: http://legacy.sweetmarias.com/stovepopmethod.php

Charlotte Renaissance Fair ticket giveaway raffle link (2 tickets) : HERE

*All DIY Info Sourced from: https://www.sweetmarias.com/