Episode #15 Kombucha & Lenny Boy Brewing


Welcome back for Episode #15! We’re talking with Townes Mozer Owner/Founder of Lenny Boy Brewing Co, about Kombucha a super healthy fermented beverage made from sugar, tea, water, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast “SCOBY”. During the fermentation process the bacteria and yeast convert the sugar into B vitamins, probiotics and organic acids.  In addition, gluconic, lactic and folic acids are a byproduct of the fermentation. This ancient elixir is an all-natural, organic detoxifying drink; most who drink it say it gives them an extra boost of energy. After fermenting, the tea is full of probiotics that work with your body to boost the immune system, stimulate your metabolism, and rejuvenate your mind.

Townes was first introduced to fermentation during college. At the time, he was realizing the quick, easy, and inexpensive meals of college were affecting his health. Townes was inspired to change his daily habits and launched a search for natural remedies to correct what he had diminished one greasy meal at a time. With the first few sips of Kombucha, he felt the amazing effect on both his mind and his body. He knew he found the answer.  Townes began brewing kombucha, beer, and mead at home for family and friends.

After graduating college, his interest in a healthy lifestyle led him to organic farming and he immersed himself within a fully operating organic farm outside of Hot Springs, NC. Being in a remote location for the growing season allowed time for reflection and also for the creation of Lenny Boy Brewing Co. The journey through the growing season afforded him the opportunity to learn hands-on how healthy food is grown, and also granted him access to amazing people/farms who were helping to push the slow food movement throughout the South. These people guided Townes and encouraged him to pursue his interest, passion, and love for brewing. He was also guided to the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. There he became more in tune with the properties of herbs and now applies this holistic knowledge to Lenny Boy. He has now combined years of brewing experience with perfect blends of organic herbs, fruits, and grains tied together with pure water to provide you with Lenny Boy.  Cheers!

What’s Going On?

Joe: ­

  • NoDa rally ­ poured a Simcoe Single hop pale ale with RB malt and N1 yeast from South yeast labs…big shout out to David Thornton. 
  • Brewed a Dusseldorf Alt and Second to One Vienna Lager, starter for a Munich Dunkel
  • Fantasty Draft
  • Packing up for San Diego

Daan: ­

  • Noda Rally, Poured the Mosaic Single Hop and Fantasy Draft Amber IPA (Tett Nugget).
  • Had fantasy draft this past Sunday. No brewing in the past 2 weeks.
  • Planning 2 beers for this weekend if possible. Oktoberfest/Marzen and a Muller McBride Grandpa’s Breakfast. Tobacco Smoked Imperial Oatmeal Porter aged in Scotch Barrel.
  • Hoping to keg the Czech Pils and Smoked Rye Lager this weekend and transfer 1⁄2 of Daan and Dommer or Domm and Daaner to a bourbon barrel for a few weeks.
  • Booked flight to Austin TX and Dallas TX for July 4th weekend.

Michael: ­

  •  AHA Rally @ NoDA, Served a traditional Berliner Weiße “Bear-leeh-nuh Vice-uh” mit Schuss
  • Kegged Wicked Flanders Red Lager & New Years 2014 Kriek


  • AHA Rally @ NoDa poured a Imperial Brett Gose with Sumac
  •  Brewed Farmhouse Sour Saison, 5 gal fermenting in Barrel, 2nd runnings Saison w/ Wyeast French Saison & Hop Drop Topper Imperial IPA

Beer/Brewery industry news/updates:

  • Founders, the nation’s 17th largest craft brewery increased distribution footprint now distributing to North & South Dakota
  • Rahr Corporation has detailed plans to construct four new facilities in its hometown of Shakopee, Minn. as part of a massive $68 million expansion. The company said it intends to build a new malt house, a pilot brewery, a maintenance warehouse, and a distribution center in its hometown.
  • North Carolina Contract Brewing Bill Finds New Life: House Bill 909, was initially introduced as a short bill to allow for sales of “antique spirituous liquor,” or, “products that have not been in production for the last 20 years.” As the bill has made its way through the House and Senate, a number of amendments have been added, including one that would allow for contract brewing in the state. Another amendment to the bill legalizes cider growler fills at bars and restaurants, putting the alcoholic apple drinks in line with beer regulations.


House of Brews:­ Grand opening June 6th.

17th Annual Charlotte Oktoberfest on October 3rd. (Biggest beer fest in SouthEast)

  • Sponsored by Lagunitas
  • We will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets
  • Charlotteoktoberfest.com
  • Premium & General Admission Tickets
  • Ferm Nation booth selling craft beer bottle candles for charity.

Salud:­ 3306 N. Davidson end of Noda before the railroad tracks.

Sycamore Brewing: 2161 Hawkins ST. Charlotte, NC