Episode #13 Intro to Sours & The MadFermentationist

We’re back! It’s April 13th and this is our 13th Episode of Fermentation Nation! Whoever says the number 13 is unlucky didn’t just dive into the world of Brewing with Bugs by interviewing sour_pr-600x374the Mad Fermentationist, Mike Tonsmeire, author of “American Sour Beers”. (http://www.themadfermentationist.com/)

We sample and discuss some incredible homebrewed sours and some commercial beers Daan & Joe picked up at Salud Beer Shop (http://www.saludbeershop.com/) in Charlotte, NC.

As Mark gets ready to venture off to the great white north, we welcome Michael Thomas to the show. Daan and Joe admit to having single-ply problems while their wives are out of town.

Special thanks to our sponsor House of Brews. (http://house-of-brews.com/) April’s special is a 20% discount on all in-stock grains. Use promo code: FOOLSDAY2015


Intro: 0:00 – 2:15

What’s Going On: 2:15 – 25:00

Industry News: 25:00 – 35:00

Brewing w/ Bugs: 35:10 – 1:50:00

Mike Tonsmeire “The Mad Fermentationist”: 1:51:00 – 3:05:00

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