Episode #10 Brewing Belgian Beers

This episode focuses mainly on Trappist and Abbey Ale styles. Join us as we travel in  time to a simpler place where brewing beer at the monasteries was a way of life and even considered life saving. We will quickly fast forward to the foundation of the present day Trappist monasteries and their influence on today’s Belgian beers.

In this show, we will cover the basics of recipe formulation and emphasize the importance of sugars and candi syrups. Make sure to listen for a great discussion on the many different Belgian yeast strains available to brewers, both commercial and home alike.Heist

Eric Mitchell from Heist Brewing is our in studio guest and he shares his tips and recommendations for making a good Belgian beer at home.

In addition, we have our very first Skype call in from none other than local Belgian brewing legend Josh Davis. Josh is no stranger to the Charlotte area brew clubs, as he is an active member of the Carolina BrewMasters and CABREW, as well as the founder of Salsbury’s Homebrew Club. He loves brewing Belgian beers and has some helpful insight, If you would like to make your own candi syrups the link for the article Josh talks about can be found Here.

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