Episode #9 Brewing Lager Beers

This episode brings us a very full house and something very near and dear to Joe’s Heart, Lagers! We discuss some basics surrounding lagers such as a brief history including the where, when, and why lagers began. We also discuss the major differences between brewing a lager as opposed to an allogo_Olde_Mecklenburg_Brewerye and cover some of the different lager styles.

In studio guest Chase Petrovic, brewer over at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is with us this episode to discuss decoction mashing and some of the differences between their old system and the new larger system they have at their new location.

Also joining us is Patrick Lewis co-owner over at House of Brews who tells us about their homebrew store located right here in Charlotte, North Carolina (If you live in Charlotte they will even deliver to you free of charge!) . If you don’t see what you want listed on their site email them at: houseofbrewsservice@gmail.com and they can usually get it for you. For our listeners not in Charlotte they do ship pretty much anywhere.

We also wanted to welcome Daan aschunk_photo a permanent fixture on the show by letting our new mascot Chunk welcome him as an official Fermentation Nation host.