Episode #2 Yeast Talk

Episode #2 Yeast Talk

Join us in episode #2 as we discuss all things yeast related. Listen to us geek out about yeast and discuss some important considerations homebrewers should have when handling yeast and choosing the porper strain for their brew. Our in studio guest is Dave Thornton from SouthYeast.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Yeast History
  • Yeast Terms (Flocculation, Attenuation)
  • Dry vs. Liquid
  • Making a proper starter
  • Stir-plates
  • Dry yeast – To hydrate or not to  hydrate
  • Picking the proper strain

We also discuss the recent AHA Rally we all attended at NoDa Brewing and the State of Origin Festival put on by Fonta Flora Brewing.

We also have some bonus audio we recorded with David Thornton of SouthYeast, it isn’t the best quality but we wanted to include it for your enjoyment. Check it out below:

Episode #2 Extra

SouthYeast is a new yeast company specializing in yeast captured in the wild for use by brewers. You can check them out at  SouthYeast.com You can also you can follow them on FaceBook.

If you are looking to mail order some of their yeast check out Atlantic Brew Supply. Our friends at House of Brews should be carrying them soon as well

If you are interested in culturing or growing up your own yeast including making slants, canning wort starters, and stepping up starters check out the presentation Shawn gave at NHC 2013 in Philly Below: