Episode #1 Meet the hosts

Episode #1 kicks off with us introducing ourselves and discussing our setups. We also discuss “Fantasy Draft Brewing” A fun way to do a fantasy draft in homebrewing.

Fantasy Homebrew Draft consists of each brewer choosing the following:

  • 1Base Malt
  • 1 Specialty Malt
  • 2 Hops
  • 1 Adjunct
  • 1 Yeast
  • 3 Additional Ingredients(of any category)
*Just like most fantasy sports trades are encouraged and the remaining ingredients act as a waiver wire for any ingredients that can not be found.


This is best done with a group of 10+ brewers. To make things interesting this time we all chose 1 yeast strain and all these strains went in a bag and we each drew one. Our Fantasy Beer had to use this yeast. This was a fun way to keep people from coming in with a pre-determined beer.


(We have a few audio quality issues the first 7-8min)